IL Skills Training

We offer a personalized independent living (IL) program of activities and skills necessary to thrive in daily life, safety, and well-being.

 Examples of IL skills training include:

  • Self-advocacy/Self-determination
  • Communication skills
  • Employment
  • Organization
  • Budgeting
  • Household management
  • Use of community resources
  • Meal preparation
  • Parenting with a disability
  • And any other request that promotes independence

Additional IL Services and Programs

Our services help individuals with disabilities gain independence and participate in their communities. Community Inclusion Specialists work one-on-one with consumers to create custom goals and plans for success.

Education Advocacy

ADANC supports both students with disabilities and parents with disabilities in education advocacy. We provide youth the knowledge and tools needed to successfully be a self-advocate independently. Our Community Inclusion Specialists attend meetings with school personnel in the following limited circumstances:

  • A student with a disability wants to take the lead in their IEP/504 plan meeting and are not getting the support they need from the school.
  • A student is being denied a service or accommodation and they want support to be a self-advocate.
  • A parent with a disability is not able to advocate for their child’s education because of a lack of accommodations.
  • A student is facing an egregious rights violation and no other community partner are able to assist due to constraints on their services.

Employment Counseling

People with disabilities who receive SSDI benefits can still work and be financially independent. Our “Get to Work” work incentive planning program is a powerful community resource designed to support this. ADANC helps individuals with significant mental illness with work incentive services including:

  • A review of the individual’s benefits
  • Discussion of current and future impact of employment
  • Comprehensive written outline of options available to support informed choice

Paralympic Sports Club – Raleigh

ADANC partnered with Carolina Sled Hockey in 2019. Carolina Sled Hockey is an Adult program that allows individuals that are unable to play stand-up hockey the opportunity to play at little to no cost. Carolina Sled Hockey is a member of the South East Sled Hockey League (SESHL) currently consisting of (Carolina, Charleston SC, Knoxville TN, Nashville TN, and Tampa FL). Carolina Sled also competes in National Tournaments throughout the season. For more information on how to join, please email


ADANC accepts donated suits in condition to assist men coming out of prison to dress up when applying for a job. For more information, please call the Alliance office at 919-833-1117.