We're growing!

Starting soon, Alliance of Disability Advocates is extending our services into Pitt, Wilson, and Beauford counties.
Outline of NC with current and future ADA counties highlighted
Alliance of Disability Advocates will soon start expanding our services into these three new counties. Over the next several months, there will be opportunities for community partners and individuals with disabilities to talk with staff at ADANC about any unmet needs in their community and share what they would like to see going forward.
Other agencies in the area who are interested in connecting with us as we grow our services in these counties should contact Vicki Smith at vicki@adanc.org.

We look forward to finding new ways to serve people with disabilities across North Carolina!

Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in working at Alliance of Disability Advocates? Do you live in or near Pitt, Wilson, or Beauford counties?
If yes, visit the employment page of our website to learn more about Community Inclusion Specialists and see how to apply!