January, 2024

Looking Forward to 2024
Alliance of Disability Advocates has had a busy beginning of 2024! On January 16th, we had representatives at the NC State Career and Agency Fair. Thank you to all of the students and members of other organizations who stopped by the Alliance of Disability Advocates table to learn how to get involved and collaborate with our team!

On January 29th, our Reentry team was invited to the Governor’s Mansion to witness the signing of an executive order for reentry and reintegration. This order will allocate money for supports for justice involved individuals. Only prominent reentry personnel were invited, so the Alliance of Disability Advocates Reentry team were honored to be invited! To learn more about the executive order, click here.
Two staff members sitting at a table at a career fair
Staff Member standing in front of Governors Mansion
We are Hiring!
Get ready for Casino Night 2023
We are looking for someone to join our team as an Administration Assistant. For more information about requirements and responsibilities and to learn how to apply, visit our website:
2024 Youth Leadership Forum Information
In partnership with Youth LEAD NC, we are excited to announce that delegate applications for the 2024 Youth Leadership Forum are now available to fill out!

This event is an annual multi-day program that fosters emerging youth and young adult leaders in NC by teaching them how to advocate in their communities and for themselves. It will be held from July 20th to 24th, 2024 at NC State University.

If you would like to learn more about the event, Youth LEAD NC is hosting two Zoom information sessions on February 2nd at 7:00 PM and February 3rd at 11:00 AM. Please email meredith@youthleadnc.org for the Zoom link.

Delegate applications are due by March 1st, 2024. To learn more about the Youth Leadership Forum and apply, click here.

Current Happenings in the Disability World

New Year, New You? Maybe Not.
Every year when January comes around, many of us find ourselves making resolutions about the kind of person we want to be in the new year. Often, we think of these changes as big life-altering events that we want to take place but forget to set steps in place to turn goals into habits. Below, you will find a selection of articles with information on setting realistic goals that will assist you in learning how to create resolutions that will not lead to unnecessary added stress.

Regardless, the decision to make New Year’s resolutions is a personal one and no one should feel pressured into changing anything about themselves. If you are looking for less traditional resolutions, try one of these:

  • Take up journaling: some people find writing down their thoughts and feelings to be both relaxing and beneficial for their mental health.
  • Try a new recipe every month: this is an alternative option for the common resolution of “eating healthier.” Instead of focusing on changing your entire diet, it might be helpful to focus on new ways to get joy from food.
  • Make small socialization goals: everyone has different socialization needs and abilities, so personalize your resolutions to your own situation. For some people that might be making the goal of calling a friend every week/month. For others that might be talking less to a person who is not good for your mental health. Come up with a plan that is right for you.

"Independent Living is a psychological idea much more than a physical concept. I'm paralyzed from the neck down, but I am completely in control of my own life. I make decisions about what I want. And when you begin to believe that, it's very empowering and powerful."

― Ed Roberts, Disability Rights Advocate

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Alliance of Disability Advocates is looking for individuals to join our Board of Directors. See more information and learn how to apply on our website at https://adanc.org/about-us/board/
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What We're Reading

by Michelle Diament | Jan 17, 2024
Doctor’s offices often lack examination tables, weight scales and other diagnostic equipment that are accessible to people with disabilities. Now, the U.S. Department of Justice is trying to change that. The agency is proposing a rule under the Americans with Disabilities Act…
by NCDHHS and NC Department of Commerce | Jan, 2024
Successful health outcomes and successful economic development outcomes go hand in hand. While data, technology, and infrastructure play key roles, without question, the biggest factor for delivering success comes down to the people…
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