Me Too: Carrie Bradstock

Photo of Carrie Bradstock

A woman first then my disability down the line.

I graduated from William Peace University in 2001 with a bachelor of arts in Communication and a minor in Information Technology. Sure, I am a woman who happens to have a serve disability, the federal government said. Along with my parents, I advocated for an accessible entrance to my elementary school. Throughout elementary and middle school, my parents and I fought for me to be incorporated “inclusion” in a “regular” classroom.

When I was thirteen years old, my parents gave me the option of more physical therapy so I could eventually learn to walk or concentrate on my higher education, Physical therapy would be a full day of work.  I chose higher education since no one would be able to think for me and I could pay people to walk for me.

In high school, I was in drama and participated in more plays as a house manager. My grade point average was 3.0.

In college, I started selling tickets and concessions for Peace theater group.

I figured out a way to do almost everything that my other friends and classmates did, with assistance from others if needed.

Needless to say, I struggled with my disability as a young child and teenager, but my life is pretty amazing.

Does this blog relate to your life, then say… Me too!