The entire team at the Alliance is here to help you and your family in any way that they can. Please feel free to email or contact them based on their area of expertise or call the main switchboard at (919) 833-1117 so they can direct you to the right team member.
If you have confidential e-mail to send to or receive from us, make sure you register with in order to securely transmit any secure information.
All Centers for Independent Living focus on hiring employees with disabilities. When you contact our office, please understand that the staff member who answers the phone may have a speech impairment. If you can’t understand the staff member, they may ask to call you back using a system called Relay.
Please be patient with our staff and understand that we are doing our best to locate the requested resources.​

Find a Staff Member

Staff MemberTitleEmail AddressDirect Line
Chris BaucomCommunity Inclusion 328-2501
Wayne BellCommunity Inclusion 246-5027
Vanity BrooksCommunity Inclusion 833-1117 ext.8013
Santazia Bullock Community Inclusion 833-1117 ext.240
Cris CantinCommunity Inclusion 480-1434
Anjar HossainCommunity Inclusion 276-4908
Ratisha HoupeCommunity Inclusion 306-4732
Caitlynn JarvisCommunity Inclusion 328-0782
Ashley LargeCommunity Inclusion 246-5160
Corey MayfieldCommunity Inclusion 480-1800
Kris MercerCommunity Inclusion 276-9076
Roxie OakesCommunity Inclusion 591-0892; (984)-789-0902
James SmithCommunity Inclusion 833-1117 ext.224
Tammy WadeCommunity Inclusion 583-3650
Jenna CastoAdministrative 276-9077 ext.239
Emily KiblerCommunity Engagement 833-1117 ext.242
Brittny ZenereInformation and Referral Service 675-3413
Sydney BreslowTCLI 642-3006; (984) 213-6544
Sharif BrownProgram Manager for State 591-0894
Corey McKittrickDirector of 642-3215
Chris RiveraDirector of 703-3017
Vicki SmithExecutive 239-0676

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