Mission & Vision


Alliance of Disability Advocates

Alliance and its staff help people with disabilities solve day-to-day problems that interfere with independent living. We listen to better understand your individual situation, your specific problems and the barriers you face each day.

We will then help you plan your next steps and focus your efforts on specific solutions to overcome the barriers that keep you and other people with disabilities from fully participating in their community.

We do this by providing information and referral services, peer support, independent living training, community-based housing transition services and advocating for people with disabilities.

Anyone in need of assistance from Alliance is welcomed to contact us.


To promote dignity, independence and consumer control for people of all ages and abilities and to advance civil rights of equal access and full participation in society.


Alliance promotes a dynamic environment where society and the individual mutually benefit from a world with no limits. This is accomplished by promoting and achieving excellence in consumer-controlled, self-directed services in programs, education, advocacy and research, and sharing valuable information. All Alliance services are geared toward increasing awareness of an individual's rights and options as well as the various methods to achieve their chosen goals.

It is fundamental that all advocacy, programming and services ensure confidentiality, guard against exploitation, paternalism and segregation, thus safeguarding the principle of consumer empowerment.