Dave Wickstrom
Executive Director
Alliance of Disability Advocates, Raleigh, NC

Dave Wickstrom joined Alliance of Disability Advocates as the Executive Director in April 2016. Dave came to Alliance from Lexington, KY where he was the Executive Director of Independence Place, another Center for Independent Living. Independence Place served over 50 counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky which the majority of the counties were rural.

Since high school, he has run 17 camps in six states for people with disabilities, served as Director of Day Services in Louisville, KY for ResCare and is active in both community and church where he helped put on the Jesus Prom every fall for people with disabilities. Dave also joined the Kentucky Army National Guard in 2005.

In Kentucky, he is known as a disability advocate and distinguished himself in adaptive athletics. He partnered with the Kentucky Department of Education and the United States Paralympics to offer adaptive athletics professional development to teachers statewide and helped create the “Central Kentucky Paralympic Sports Club,” which became a direct pipeline into the Paralympic Training Program. He also founded a nonprofit, Beep Baseball Kentucky, an adaptive game of baseball designed for people who have low to no vision. Dave and his team opened the World’s first baseball park for the blind in Frankfort, KY on May 22, 2015.

Dave is honored to be entrusted by the Board of Directors to lead Alliance and is looking forward to building on the success the organization has had in the past to help make Raleigh, Durham and the surrounding area the best place for individuals with disabilities to live independently in the country.

Dave currently serves as the Chair of the North Carolina Mental Health Block Grant Council as well serves as the veteran representative on the North Carolina Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council.