Let’s All Get Ready

This group class teaches how to use public transit in the Raleigh-Durham area. Participants learn about routes, reduced and free fares, passes, and identification cards.

Let’s All Get Ready is generally offered once per month at the Alliance office. Check the calendar for scheduled classes. This program is for people with disabilities and senior citizens. It is also available for community groups interested in travel training.

Let’s All Go

One-on-one instruction teaches travel safety and independence for the bus system in the Raleigh-Durham area. Participants learn travel skills to meet their individual needs while using a specific bus route. These routes are typically to school, work, or a community destination such as malls, movies, the library or just a friend’s house. Each individual’s needs and abilities differ so training and length of training vary with each person.

Let’s All Go is scheduled upon request and is offered to people with disabilities, veterans, senior citizens, and people with low or no income. For more information on these programs, email Sharif Brown at sharif@adanc.org.

ADA Travel Training Video- Overview